Many video games have a bad reputation for violence. Luckily, a study released in March of 2017 states that violent based video games do not have long term effects on our empathy. This completely debunks the myth of violent video games begets violent society. And now we have the question, are there benefits behind these games?

The best example of violent video games are first person shooters. The goal of the game is to kill anything in your path, being ruthless on your quest for vengeance. Games like Call of Duty where you play with real people and spend hours killing their avatars. What are the benefits behind these types of games?

If you aren’t a gamer, and don’t fully understand the vocabulary, a first-person shooter game is also known as FPS. It is when the gamer plays in the perspective of the character, and uses analytic skills and reflexes to continues through a map, shooting enemy targets along the way. It would be easy to assume that these games have a negative influence, fortunately we now know they don’t.

When we look at gaming at a cognitive perspective, researchers have pointed out the enhance in cognitive functions with gamers. Not unlike transferable skills in the corporate world, the mind-bending exercises that video games propel their audience into have basic principles that can be used in real life experiences.

Evidence of this claim is in multiple studies given to gamers as well as non-gamers. Subjects are given action based video games (Which are also known as violent video games), and then studied accordingly.

Subjects who were given action based games had higher special resolution and visual processing as well as faster and more accurate attention allocation. These players are put into high stress situations, being forced to make split second decisions that will either light up winning neurotransmitters in their brain, or make them feel like a failure. Not unlike real life situations.

Gamers who are good at first person shooters are also better at filtering out unnecessary details. Considering they are often bombarded with multiple things on the screen, realizing how precious their time and attention is, they are able to quickly decide what is important and what is not. Giving these gamers the edge, unaltered by distractions.

Enhancing your cognitive skills comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is through real life experiences, or animated ones on the screen. Your brain can’t tell the difference, so it grows just the same. Now we can stop putting down violent video games, and start praising them and using them to their fullest potential.


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