I am a smoker. I don’t like being a smoker, so I am looking for ways to quit. I’m not one of those strong empowered people who can just stop, I have to beat myself into self-control.

Something that has helped me quit smoking is e-cigarettes. Not the gas stations $7 ones, the clunky boxes that make it to where I can’t hide that I am a “vaper”.

When I started vaping, everyone would tell me that it was just as bad as smoking. That there were countless studies on it, and how I wasn’t doing anything to better my life. Which in that case it’s just like hey thanks. Not like I’m trying to kick an addiction or anything. Your positive words are so helpful… I’m not bitter.

But BEHOLD! A new study has been released that says that vaping is actually healthier than smoking.

How is Vaping Better?

One thing some people don’t know, is that vape pens don’t hold any tobacco in them. They just have the liquidized nicotine. So you aren’t inhaling harsh smoke, you are inhaling nicotine vapors. They also don’t contain the same level of toxic chemicals. That’s got to be something to get behind, right?

It’s been suggested in the study that e-cigs are 95% healthier for everyday consumers than tobacco cigarettes. That’s an A+.

Another A+ they get is smokers had 97% more evidence of toxic chemicals in their system than e-cigarette smokers. However, there is that last 3%…

Vaping Still Isn’t Healthy

Listen, I know I can’t just switch to vaping and call myself good and healthy. New studies are always coming out for just about anything. We are constantly discovering new things are bad or good for us. And these studies don’t say “%100 safe!” anywhere. So we have no for sure answers, but I can feel better about myself smoking my e-cigarette over my regular stinky one.


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